Friday Follies, wishlist edition.

Today, it’s gifts for animal lovers!!

First, how about some adorable holiday cards? These are from Etsy seller Creative Thursday

I freely admit I am only posting this because the photo makes me laugh out loud. I want to know how she got her cat to sit so still for this! If I thought LucieFur wouldn’t kill me in my sleep, I might get this for her….

from etsy seller toscarboroughfair.

Ok, back to things that won’t get you bitten: how abut a custom made, eco friendly bed? This one is from Annie

Man. I’ve been meaning to build something like this for our bathroom for years, but for non-DIYers, this is a great and very stylish solution to the litterbox problem:

Another idea, especially for someone who may have lost a pet recently, is a custom portrait:

this one is from etsy seller artenchantedwoods from Glasgow, but many local artists provide this same service.

Last, but not least, for the animal lover who has everything, what about a donation to the ASPCA or a local rescue organization in their name?

bonus tip: wrap your gift using a collar or leash as ribbon and a catnip mouse or other small toy as a bow.


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