animal welfare nightmare

Sorry it’s been a little quiet over here. In addition to scrambling to finish Holiday orders, I’ve been preoccupied with trying to remedy a pretty awful case of animal abusing neighbors. After finally getting enough people to call in, Animal Control agreed to come out and check, and 4 pit bulls who’d been left chained outside with no food, water or adequate shelter in this freezing weather we’ve been having, are now safe and warm and fed.
Seriously, who leaves animals chained up outside in 14 degree weather? My neighbors, apparently. It was awful, the dogs were half dead, you could see all their ribs.

The news got involved with the story and because I can be sort of vindictive to people who abuse others, I might have also turned them in for stealing power and water, and spoken to the landlord who evicted them this morning.
Sadly I wasn’t able to nab any of the puppies (which they will probably also mistreat) but maybe animal control will stay on it.


One thought on “animal welfare nightmare

  1. Ohmygod. Well, you are an absolute saint for turning in those awful, awful people. Animal abuse makes me blind with rage >.< Poor pups. I'm so glad they're warm & in better hands now. Please keep us updated if you learn more.

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