How are your organizational skills?

Keeping track of inventory and supplies in a “normal” business is never easy, but when you factor in a lot of reclaimed, recycled and one of a kind parts, it can turn into a real mess with a quickness. Since January tends to bring with it resolutions of getting organized, I thought it would be a perfect time to showcase some crafty organizing tips.

First, here’s some craft room eye candy to get you in the mood:

sewing room

(now if you really want craft room envy, check out the rest of the Martha Stewart photoshoot here)

But now to the nitty gritty:
Do you use a lot of small parts in your work? Do you have a baby? ( or ask on freecycle!) How about turning all those baby food jars into nifty hanging shelves?

tutorial on designsponge

Or create magnetic shelving by turning them on their side via shelterness

Or here’s a ready made solution via IKEA
Spice Rack

What about fabric storage? While many people choose open shelving,
Studio Sewing Room
(I also love her inspiration boards)

here’s a really creative idea from flickr user splityarn:
all organized and pretty
She wraps her yardage around archival comic book boards and files them sideways.

I love how this crafter is using a dowel (or you could use a branch from your yard!) and some recycled cookie tins for storage:
new studio!

and this crafter is using thrifted dishes and cookware for some very attractive organizing:
Fabric Bits and Pieces

I love this use of thrifted clipboards as a way to keep track of inspiration and orders

For you soap makers, these wire shelves combined with some baskets make great organizing of supplies:
Back wall of the studio

Are you a paper artist? Use a lot of stamps? Narrow shelves along an entry wall allow you to see all your designs without taking up much room:
Craft Room...3

I love this use of Ikea rail systems and wire baskets found on the poppytalk blog

And last, but not least, the lowly pegboard. How versatile is this?

Do you have any creative diy solutions for organizing your supplies or for keeping your inventory looking pretty? Please share them in the comments.


2 thoughts on “How are your organizational skills?

  1. These are great images! Organized items can actually look pretty when grouped nicely together. This definitely makes me want to tackle my scary work desk!

    I just adore your blog and I have enjoyed looking through it so far. Is there any way that you could tell me the font you used in your banner? It’s so pretty!

    Take care and I am excited to come back and see your future posts! 🙂

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