A little reminder about that dozen roses you might be sending next week

This was originally written last year, but I thought it was a good time to link back to it, and I’ve got an update on sustainable sources for you coming tomorrow!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be thinking about buying someone you love a bouquet of flowers. Or, maybe you’re just tired of these cold, dreary days and want to brighten up a corner of your room. Then again, maybe you did the Apartment Therapy Fall Cure and a weekly floral splurge has made it to your permanent shopping list.
Whatever the reason, flowers are one of the fastest ways to bring a smile to someone’s face, especially mine!


Unfortunately, there can be a downside to flower buying, and it’s one that rarely gets discussed, even in circles where local food and organic produce is the norm. Since I don’t want to give up that little vase of happiness, I decided to figure out the most responsible way that I could enjoy this little treat.

Before we get there, however, let’s take a hard look at why there’s a problem in the first place. I have to warn you, this is a real downer, but once you know, you can take steps to change your behavior. In turn, if enough of us change our behavior, we can change the system. But first, buckle up, this is a bumpy ride.

Here’s part ONE of the discussion: I want to buy you Flowers, Pt 1

and here’s part TWO: I want to buy you flowers, Pt 2

stay tuned tomorrow for an update on the most sustainable sources for flower delivery tomorrow!


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