got msg?

I admit that for years I avoided msg like the plague. This came after a particularly ugly incident in my youth, when I was leaving a Chinese restaurant and got dizzy, my face and arms tingled (not in a good way) and I completely lost my vision for a very panicky 3-4 minutes. I was pretty freaked out and of course wanted to know why this happened.
Conventional wisdom at the time was that Chinese Restaurant Syndrome was a side effect of MSG, so from that point on, I made sure to always request my food without it.

Somewhere in recent years, I stopped worrying about that as much, and have in fact, noticed that it is in several products I enjoy regularly without such scary side effects. I also learned it came under many names, so clearly I was eating it a lot more frequently than I had even thought. I did wonder about it, but never really changed my habits.


So when I saw the question posed by this headline, clearly I was intrigued.

If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn’t all of Asia have a headache?

I still don’t know what the answer is to CRS, or what happened to me in that parking lot, but it is interesting to think I might have been blaming the wrong thing all along.

now back to my bowl of ramen…


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