1989, redux

I’m joining a pro-choice walk this weekend.
Just saying those words makes me shake my head in disbelief – didn’t we already go through all of this back in the 80’s? What were those afternoons in front of the Feminist Center for? Why are the same old men still dictating to us what we can and cannot do with our bodies?

Access to birth control and medical care, including abortion, are vital in a free world. I am nearly speechless that we are having this same argument over and over, but I also know how precarious the situation really is for women. Even in a city as large as mine, affordable reproductive care is not so easy to come by. Even here, in the 21st century, if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to terminate a pregnancy, you’d better hope you are independently wealthy with a discreet doctor. If you aren’t, you’d better be prepared for a very bumpy ride.

To find a walk in your city, check out this blog:


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