the unfortunate tale of Bobby Franklin

So one of our state legislators has been making a name for himself as of late. In addition to some head-scratching legislation aiming to eliminate driver’s licenses and require payment of state debts to be made in gold, he has also proposed legislation require the victims of rape and domestic violence (but no other crimes) to be called “accusers” until their cases are proven in court. This week he topped even that bit of misogyny when he proposed HB1, a bill which labels everything from fertilized egg to up to the almost-delivered child a “fetus”, and turns miscarriage into a potential crime which must be criminally investigated and could lead to the death penalty if the woman is found to be “at fault”.

I’ve seen reactions ranging from horrified to amused, with an awful lot of people saying that it will never pass, so they don’t understand why so many women are upset over it.

So let me just say this loud and clear:
I am angry.
I am angry that in this day and age men still exist who see me as nothing more than chattel, my body as nothing more than vessel, my role as nothing more than handmaiden.
I am angry that this man does not fear ridicule for voicing this misogynist drivel in public.
I am angry that enough people agree with his opinions that they voted him into office.
I am angry that someone who has such little regard for half the population is in a position of power to make these psychotic male fantasies into law.
I am angry at the people around me who just laugh and roll their eyes, so confident in their male privilege that they cannot even comprehend what something like this might actually mean to the women they profess to care for.

This man should be ridden out of the legislature on a rail, covered in tar and feathers, yet the collective WE just shakes their head and laughs and shrugs with that oh-so-tired “boys will be boys” line.

When will enough be enough? When will it stop being women’s rights we are fighting for, but human rights we may freely exercise?


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