Friday Foto Follies

I know it’s been a little quiet this week, I’m trying to juggle a few projects and didn’t have the hands to type!

It has been quite an inspiring week though, and I hope yours has been the same.

These three are from a project called the Sultan’s Elephant, created by Royal de Luxe, produced in London by Artichoke in 2006. Photo copyright Matthew Andrews.

The vast, time-travelling mechanical elephant, taller than Admiralty Arch and 42 tonnes in weight, was joined by a giant girl, twenty feet high. For four days they enthralled their audience with sprays of water, bus rides and by sewing cars to the ground. Then, when their time was up, they disappeared in a magical puff of smoke, leaving behind many wonderful memories.

This next project is called Ashes and Snow and is amazement of a whole different sort. The creator is “exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals”
These photos have not been digitally altered:

ashes and snow

This exhibit is travelling the world via the Nomadic Museum. It’s last stop was Mexico City in 2008. Hopefully they will continue to travel with this amazing artwork.

the Nomadic Museum

The Nomadic Museum

all images from

There is a book, a novel written in letters from a husband to his wife. It is out of print and I am currently coveting a used copy on Amazon… Many thanks to Lisa for pointing me to this project. The film is slightly more within budget, maybe I can get a copy someday…

and last, this:

I have so been this girl trying to leave the club, only to go dashing back when the music changes… Ah friends, when is the next night of good DJing? I need it, badly.


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