public safety

From our neighborhood newsletter:

“It’s been a very quiet week for crime for the week of March 13-19. The lack of crime since the arrest of D.W. on March 9th at 9:35 am appears to indicate that he was involved in most if not all of the burglaries in early March. A big thanks to our __ officer for being first on the scene and making the arrest of Mr. W and his juvenile buddy, who was turned over to his Grandmother. Police don’t feel that the youngster is much of a criminal and that Mr. W. is the one responsible for multiple burglaries.

The one significant crime this week occurred on Sunday evening March 13th. A woman was robbed in her driveway around 10:50 pm on H_ Rd. This has been an ongoing problem area for this type of crime, and (the local police force) seems unwilling or unable to address this issue”.

Two notes:
One, why is someone who was caught breaking into house just sent home? That’s what you do when you catch a kid TPing someone’s yard, not what you do when they just kicked in a door and stole a tv.
This is a primary reason why adults are using kids to perpetrate these crimes… no effective law enforcement response. A whole generation of kids is growing up learning crime DOES pay and there are no consequences for one’s actions. This is why we get 17 year old kids joining gangs, carjacking people and going on robbery/murder sprees. This is why we get an entire family behind bars for one murder after another, while mama puts her fingers in her ears and sings nursery rhymes.

For the second part, that woman was robbed on the street behind me. These crimes have been going on for roughly 2 years, and no one appears to be able to do anything about it.
I really wonder why the police department is so “unwilling or unable” to address these issues.


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