mosquito repellent, V2.0

You may remember last year I posted this recipe from Re-Nest for home-made mosquito repellent using rosemary and catnip.
Well, I never was able to thoroughly test that stuff because every time I put some on, I got mobbed by several furry beasties. They also made sure my catnip plants never really produced much of an end product.

However, after reading an article about grapefruit and mosquitos, I decided to try a slightly different approach. So far so good, although it’s still early in the season. I didn’t get bitten once shoveling mulch yesterday, which is quite an improvement.

Here’s the recipe, altho it’s so super simple and adaptable you hardly even need one.

rubbing alcohol or cheap vodka
grapefruit oil (not extract… oil)
lavender oil
rosemary oil
tangerine oil

Put about 4 oz. of the alcohol into a mister bottle, then add about 60 drops of grapefruit oil and about 40 drops of lavender and rosemary. The tangerine was just for added scent, you could swap that out for anything you find pleasing.
Shake it up and spray it on! I like to keep the bottle in the fridge or cooler because you’ll need to re-apply up to every half hour depending on how much you’re sweating and how vicious your mosquitos are. Keeping it cold means it’s just that much more of a treat to re-spray on a hot day.

If you prefer to use an all over oil, use the same proportions in a 4 oz bottle of grapeseed or almond oil. You can either rub or spray this on as well.


3 thoughts on “mosquito repellent, V2.0

      • natch 😉 i have lavender oil from stony mtn botanicals, and plenty of rosemary to make my own oil i suppose…

        btw, my garden this year. high hopes. high high hopes!

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