whirlwind weekend!

Liz and I set up Saturday and Sunday at Wedding Day Hooray, a wedding-themed show put on by the ladies behind the Indie Craft Experience. It was a long weekend, but fun. The other vendors were amazing, AND we got free cupcakes.
Here is a shot of our booth, courtesy the lovely ladies at Paper Acorn:

Saturday night was Dr Sketchy’s at Sutra, a benefit for the Fringe Festival Atlanta. Since it was a benefit and we couldn’t pay a model, Lisa and I took turns posing with some volunteers from the audience. Here I am pretending to be the moon.

Then Nibbler went missing for a day, but we found her in a thicket, hiding out. She has some strange bite on her head (spider?) that had gotten all infected and made her feel lousy. Now she’s on fluids and antibiotics and should be all good in a few days.

Wayne’s team won the 24 Hours of LeMons last weekend, which is awesome, but he came home with a nasty cold and I think he’s given it to me. Time to mainline orange juice and garlic…

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