Friday Foto Follies!

hot summer nights edition:

via beautefragile

via desire to inspire

found via Monet, don’t know original source

via girlyme

via fuckyeahghosttowns

Sedmikrasky, 1966

via tinywhitedaisies

dragon by Ryan Matthern

and a recipe:

we got tons of delicious fresh peaches from the farmer’s market, and here’s the best thing we’ve done with them so far (sorry I don’t have a photo of the final product) Grilled peaches with ice cream and rum sauce!

Cut your beaches in half and remove the pit. (it helps if they’re cold when you try this step)
on the stove, make a simple syrup with 1c sugar, 1c water, and 1/4 cup dark rum.
Dip your peach halves in this mixture and then skewer the halves onto a pair of wooden grill skewers (presoaked in water for at least an hour to keep them from catching fire)

Once they’re grilled put them into individual bowls with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or coconut milk ice cream if you don’t do dairy) nd pour more of the warm syrup over the top.

Try not to eat all 35 pounds of peaches at once.

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