New Orleans, here we come

Husband and I are taking an almost-real-vacation next week, and this will sadly make my first trip back to New Orleans since Katrina. (We tried to go a couple other times, but various disasters at home prevented it from happening) I’ve seen this restaurant recommended in a couple of different places, and I think it will make a nice treat for us.

Green Goddess NoLa

the menu has me drooling, I can’t wait!


One thought on “New Orleans, here we come

  1. Yay for New Orleans! Some places will be looking better than ever and you’ll be shocked they ever saw such a disaster, but of course, some places still show the dramatic signs too — over five years later, it’s enough to make your heart hurt. One of the craziest sad things I noticed when we went last year were how many stray cats there were, more than I’d ever seen anywhere else. I know you’re going to have a wonderful time, though. There’s something about being in that city; no matter how many difficult things you come across, you also have music and great food and people celebrating life nonetheless.

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