Farm to Ear Tour kickoff by Doria Roberts

Another great event at the Farmer’s Market, and a project worth looking into!

Event: Farm to Ear Tour Kick Off + CD Release Party
When: Thursday, September 22 – 6pm-8pm
Where: East Atlanta Village Farmers Market
– 562 Stokeswood Ave. Atlanta, GA 30316

Atlanta based artist Doria Roberts will be releasing “Blackeyed Susan”, her seventh independent CD project, with a CD release and “Farm to Ear Tour” “kick-off” party at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market Thursday, September 22 6pm-8pm.

excerpts from the press release:

After taking a three year hiatus from full time touring and recording to open Urban Cannibals Bodega + Bites, an East Atlanta Village deli, grocery and bakery she runs with her wife Chef Calavino Donati, Roberts returns with a roots and blues inspired tribute to one of her mentors and friends, Civil Rights era
folk musician Odetta.

She says, “She passed away before I had a chance to work with her and it was devastating to lose her so suddenly. This project was a huge part of my grieving process. And while it’s about honoring the past, it’s also about moving on, continuing on and making sure I’m doing the work I was meant to do. ”

What I really love, though, is that Doria doesn’t stop at the music. This woman is really plugged in to a lot of issues near and dear to my heart:

The project has an altruistic component as well. Roberts will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the first 1,000 sales to Music Maker Relief Foundation, which assists elderly blues and Americana artists in times of crisis and need. Roberts will also be touring in support of food banks across the country.

“Calavino and I have been in the thick of the battles fought by small, independent food producers and have seen how the combination of misguided legislation and Mother Nature can wreak havoc on these
already incredibly fragile economies. Ultimately, it just keeps food from people who need it most. So, we’re hitting the road to bring the issue to light. We’re calling it the “Farm to Ear Tour” since we’re trying to spread the message to support your local community any way you can.”

The duo will shop at urban gardens and farmers markets and then prepare dinner for the attendees of Roberts’ house concerts. The journey, which will happen entirely by train and begins October 2011, will be documented and released as a short film in the Spring of 2012.

You can learn more at her website, or RSVP to the event here


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