The good: most of our floor is down. Still have to do a patch in the dining room and the hallway, plus the transitions and baseboards, but hopefully later today my furniture can be no longer in a pile in the middle of the room. And I’ll have a floor. For the first time in 5 years.
progress photo:

The bad: I already know how to clean chipmunk off of it. (no photos of Monkey’s handiwork, sorry)

The ugly:”> Uniquely among legislatures in the developed world, our Congressional parties now post prices for key slots on committees. You want it — you buy it, runs the challenge. They even sell on the installment plan: You want to chair an important committee? That’ll be $200,000 down and the same amount later, through fundraising.

click and read and be disgusted, many thanks to MDaniel for the link.

oh and here, this is pretty nifty: pictures of homesteaders and their claim shacks. Amazing how many of them are single women.


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