last minute decorating

If you’re as behind as I am on Festivus-Izing your house, here are a couple quick ideas to help get you in the spirit!


Ok, I have to admit, that one isn’t entirely quick, but it WAS somewhat satisfying to nail thru all those bottlecaps! You don’t even have to spraypaint them first, but DO put a pile of magazines or something under them while you’re hammering a nail thru the center if you don’t want to ruin your table. String a coathanger thru the nail holes, make a circle, twist the ends of the wire, then cover it with a little ribbon! Voila! easy peasy recycled wreath.

And then there’s this awesome little piece on tabletop trees seen on Curbly:

I think I have time for a couple of those! Too Cute, check em out!


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