Free Wedding!

Now that I have your attention… Do you know Leah and Mark? Well if you don’t yet, you should.

Why? Well, aside from the fact that they are just awesome people and extremely creative photographers, (there’s an example right up there, photos of my Kimono Wedding Dress) they’re giving it right back to the community that made them successful by giving away a Free Wedding. Yes, you heard me correctly- A totally free wedding.

These last few years have passed at light speed and we’re very grateful to everyone who’s helped us grow our Photography Business. We photograph a lot of weddings all over the country. From Maine, to California, to Michigan, to Florida, back to California and then all over the East coast – our clients take a chance on us – and we do our best to deliver the best.
We know how precious life is; we know how precious love is – and we know that there are many people out there who are unable to have a wedding for many varied reasons. Now although we can’t possibly help everyone – we can help someone – and a few months ago we decided that we would give two people in love a Full Wedding.

While you might be thinking it doesn’t get any better than that, here’s how it does, and this is why they rule. The wedding is open to anyone. To quote them again:
“Straight. Gay. Awesome. Whatever. Let’s do this.”
(Disclosure: We live in a state that still discriminates, but these guys sure aren’t letting that stop them. Get with it Georgia.)

Anyway, head on over to their contest page and check it out for yourself. Then spread the love. This is pretty much the ultimate pay it forward, and it’s going to be really exciting to see the results.

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