law vs order

I’ve been noticing something lately. When my husband and I go out somewhere which involves spending many hours in an establishment where smoking is allowed, I wake up the next day feeling flu-ish, or am incredibly hung over despite not drinking much. The smell of the smoke lingering in my hair, or on my clothes is enough to make me gag.

I have spent a good chunk of my life in smoky bars and clubs, and never used to feel this way. It’s frustrating, because sometimes now I really weigh how smoky some place is going to be when I’m deciding if I want to go to an event. I’ve been trying to figure out what changed, and I think it all comes down to when our city decided to implement a smoking ban on any place that allowed the under-18 crowd. It used to be that most places tried to accommodate smokers AND non-smokers. Smokers themselves were more polite about not lighting up and blowing it right in your face. There were areas non smokers could sit or stand and have a little breathing room. People didn’t take lit cigarettes onto the dance floor. (ok, some morons did, but they usually got kicked in the shins)

Seems like the whole argument about banning smoking, and the implementation of these laws here, and the never ending threat of it being banned outright has turned those places I used to love into smoker’s free-for-alls, where each cigarette is held up like a giant middle finger. The law says I can smoke here, so screw you if you don’t like it.

I’ve always been a proponent of personal responsibility and not legislating everything, and the way this process is going isn’t making me any more a fan of the laws. However, after spending all day yesterday wanting to die, I fully admit I wish cigarettes would simply vanish off the face of this earth.


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