Sunday Morning

Coffee and blogs on the porch, at least as long as our internet stays up and this breeze sticks around. Husband is off racing, cats are frolicking in the yard. Our back neighbor got chickens and rabbits and luckily a good sense of humor since our cats spend most of their day either sitting on the fence or on the roof of the rabbit house, staring. I’m going to have to hurry up and get our chicken coop built just so the kittens won’t abandon me for more entertaining pastures… Triscuit is currently way up high in a tree overlooking the bunnies. It’s adorable.

Chicken coop designs… I’m torn! (should link to originals on flickr)
Chicken coop for three hens !Chicken CoopTree House Chicken CoopIMG_1241
Working togetherSolar Powered Chicken Coop

Yesterday we finally (mostly) finished the new fence in front of the yellow house. Buh Bye chain link! We’re short 3 pieces of fence, but only because once we got it up I decided on a different path for the end. The last 3 pieces will only take a few minutes to do tho, so…
Now to build windowboxes…

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I thought a guy was coming over this morning to look at the front stoop and back deck on the grey house to give us estimates, but he didn’t show. I guess he’ll come by after the race is over? I hate our current front stoop, and not just because it’s actually rotting and falling off, lol. It slopes down on the same angle as the roof, instead of having a little triangle point like most porches. I’m hoping while it’s being repaired, that it won’t cost much more to turn it the “right” way and I get something much prettier for the front. I’m sort of in love with this house over by the golf course. I would really love to be able to do this with ours, albeit it would be on a smaller scale since the grey house is teeny tiny.

oh, and speaking of teeny tiny and adorable, I just found this baby picture of Triscuit that Liz took. *melts*
Candler Park Fall Fest 2008


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