Building a Catio

Backstory: Our house is still undergoing renovation. The inside is getting there, but we’ve been pretty well ignoring the outside. We’ve got a small covered deck that we eventually hope to totally replace and expand across the whole back of the house, but that’s a project for a day when we have a LOT more money. In the meantime, the railings and stairs were horribly unsafe, and we rarely used the space due to mosquitos.
Also, since we finally finished our master bathroom, and are using it, keeping the kitty litter boxes in there was just gross.

So, we decided to build a Catio.

Trying to do this inexpensively since it will all have to come down when we finally re-do the whole deck, yet still making it sturdy enough to keep the cats inside was a challenge. We couldn’t just screen the whole thing, because the cats would rip right through it. So, we decided to run 3 feet of lattice around the inside to keep them away from the lower screen bits.

It’s still a work in progress, I need to paint the wood and we need to run the screening, but here’s a sneak peek!

(can I just interject here how AWESOME it was to finally take a sledgehammer to those god-awful rails?!? I have wanted to do that for SIX YEARS)

We’re going to build what looks like a bench along one side, so we can hide the cat boxes under it, and then put a cat door leading into the kitchen. Also, we need to reinforce the door screen with hardware cloth, so little kitty claws don’t destroy it.


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