Ollie, he looks fierce, but he’s such a softie!

Meet Oliver. He is a proper British octopus, raised in the English Channel. One day, he fell in love with an exotic lady octopus named Maria, visiting England aboard a rather grand Spanish galleon. So entranced by Maria was he, Edward gave up his life of comfort and took off to the open sea to be with her. They enjoyed several years of adventure, until one day when a cantankerous white whale by the name of Moby decided Maria looked a little too tasty. Edward tried on vain to save her, losing a leg in the process. So heartbroken was he, that he gave up his life in the ocean, returning to the Channel, where I found him crying amongst the mermaids. Please love him and give him a good home, as he has a very tender heart and is a loyal companion. He likes cuddles and cartoons and breakfast in bed. Oh, and the occasional scooter ride for those days when he longs to feel the breeze and reminisce about his lost love.

(made for a friend)

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