East Atlanta Strut Vendors 2012

Beard Bars

Paintings by Molly Tidebeck

Lindsey Barnett

Boho Gal

Bohemian Guitars

June Shin

Jenna Holtzman Jewelry

Amber Bridges Designs


Granny Jacobs Folk Art

Just Add Honey

Broken Window Theory


Pat McNeely


Third Half Studios

Big Daddy Biscuits

Rep Your Hood

MAMA Bath and Body

Raney Arts

Pillow Talk Treasures

Refined Rubbish

Urban Attic

Monica’s Bath and Body

Kellie Garret

Go Jump in the Lake

Helen Sakaske

Amanda Bennett

Daisy Cakes Soap

Future Relics

Gourd Bless You

Microwave Girl

Brass and Bones

Katie Coleman

Flex family Arts


Intermezzo Designs

Art At Joe’s

So She Sews

Mod By Me

Cherry Blossom Salon

Guh Guh and Phangs

Genius Heads

Curious Provisions

Custom Coasters by Hazel

William P Etheridge

Polly the Potter

Linn Printworks

Monster Art Studio



Masayuki Sasaki

Sleek Soap

Kyle Brooks

Clark Brown

Phylis Schwartz

Nature By Naomi

No Cry Babies

Knot Just Bows

Two Stix

Belligerent Monkey

Cherry Laurel Studio

Brown Dog Paper

Expressions by Natalie

Uncle Daddy’s Woodland Creatures

Tim Boyd

Song Sparrow Studios



Hot Pink Poo

Wandering Line

Big Gully

Painted Oyster

John Stantz

DecoArt Naturailty


The Cap Man

Marsha Marsha Marsha

Relic Art

Hedda Be Thy Name

Saucy Spirits

Florinda Ponder

Ben’s Creative Energy

Taj Ma Hound

Urbn Pop

Red Rocket farm

Jeffrey Hallman

Kyra’s Creations

R Land


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