DIY laundry detergent – Liquid

After much success with my powdered version of laundry soap, we moved our top loader washer to our rental and got a high efficiency front loader instead.
I was never quite certain the powder detergent was mixing properly (since you have to put it straight in the drum) so I stopped using home made, for 7th generation. Their product is great, but it’s not cheap, and when the last bottle ran out I decided to get crafty again and experiment with making a liquid soap.

The first several recipes I tried sounded fine, and when they were in the boiler, looked great. However, once they cooled off, every single one solidified back into solid soap. Frustrating!


Eventually, I figured out that I could use almost the exact recipe as before, but I needed to double the suggested water (which was 2 gallons), AND to halve the grated soap to get something that stayed liquid at least a gel at room temperature.


I’d still like to get it to an actual liquid, but I’m already at 4 gallons of water for a half bar of soap, and I feel like that’s getting a little too diluted. It works just fine at 1/4 cup per load, so I guess the consistency is not a deal breaker.

Anyone have better luck?


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