Water Wars, pt 2.

A little while ago, after a trip to my family’s home-town, I wrote about a disturbing trend by Nestle that involved buying land and businesses, solely to get access to water wells. This was resulting in neighbors losing their access to water because Nestle was pumping the aquifers dry to fill the nation’s demand for bottled water.

Well, here’s the guy behind it. He calls the belief that water is a basic human right an “extreme solution”. He prefers privatization, control by corporation, monetization of this precious resource.

If you don’t have water, it’s because you don’t work hard enough.

And because I know this is old, and some people may dismiss it simply because of that, here is a link to his “explanation” on Nestle’s Water Stewardship page. It isn’t much better.


One thought on “Water Wars, pt 2.

  1. Water is a god-given right like air and dirt. It is disgraceful that these rich, corporate, greedy snobs can get away with taking the basic rights of humans and animals.

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