Summer backyard eating! nomnom

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s pretty much officially backyard party, outdoor eating season. In celebration of that here are a few seasonal recipes for you to enjoy on these glorious summer nights. All are vegetarian, and use typical early summer ingredients that you can hopefully find at your local farmer’s market. Enjoy!

Summer Beet and Goat Cheese stacks

recipe from WendySeeWendyDo

Artichoke, Kale and Ricotta Pie

recipe from TreeHugger

Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad

recipe from AuthenticSuburbanGourmet

Kale noodle bowl with Avocado Miso dressing

recipe from AHouseInTheHills

Peach Ice Cream (made with coconut milk)

recipe via TheSpinachSpot

This post was originally written by me for the EcoEtsy team blog. Saved here for my reference.

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