looking back, looking ahead


January Husband and I took a “vacation” to the fancy part of town. Stayed in a nice hotel, ate at fancy restaurants, pretended we were the other half for a minute. It was fun, but I think I like my half better.
leaving the land of make-believe

February A quiet month full of crafting and books
reading stories about sea monsters

March Went to see a mermaid and took a hike through some beautiful woods.
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 1.34.37 PM

April Threw the first annual East Atlanta Pollen Festival
Special Sangria

May Participated in a fashion show at the High Museum
culture shock - Frida Kahlo

June went to the beach

July Found a kitten

August DragonCon
Kratos and The Oracle

September A mermaid walks into a bar…
a mermaid walks into a bar

October Day of the Cupcake
Day of the Cupcake

November The Deep
The Deep

December Friends
winter wonderland

2014 is the year of fixing what’s broken, including me. More books, more music, more sleep, more patience, more understanding, more love. More fun, more creativity, more friends, less tilting at windmills, less guilt, less stress, less anger. More dancing, more sex, more petting kittens.
2013 was bad because I let it be. 2014 won’t get that opportunity.


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