Kitten Update!

Our current tenant is moving out, so I was looking back thru this poor neglected blog for photos we took of the studio apartment when we first finished it. I realized I’d never updated the Baby Jessie story, so here goes…

We had her for about a week when we realized Baby Jessie just didn’t fit. Once she started eating again, she was the funniest cat, and would squirm along the floor like a worm. So, we re-named her Noodle. She even got her own Facebook Page.

Thanks to the generosity of a lot of people, we got her nursed back to health and spayed, and a dear friend decided she would make a perfect friend for her lonely boy kitty.

So off Noodle went, to live in a fancy highrise.

And she even has a boyfriend.

and has learned to love the food lady:

So, a very happy ending for everyone involved.


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