“Fire Cider”

About 2 weeks ago I decided to start a batch of fire cider. There are recipes all over pinterest, but I just used what I had on hand… Organic Apple Cider vinegar, chopped garlic cloves, ginger gratings, lemon slices, jalapeño and cherry pepper slices, turmeric, and some rosemary. I didn’t have any onion or horseradish, which are often standard ingredients.  This stuff is great for boosting the immune system, or for knocking out a cold quickly. Some people take it every day, but I tend to just use it when I’m feeling run down.

fire cider

It still needs to ‘cook’ a little bit longer, but I wanted to remember how I made it for next time.

Interestingly, when searching for recipes, I discovered that someone trademarked the name? That seems weird anyone would be allowed to do that since it’s a generic term for a centuries old tonic.

More on that, here:


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