Thar Be Dragons

So it’s been a little quiet around here, and I’m sorry about that. Quiet usually means I’m in the throes of some crazy project, and this is no different. Today’s part of that project has been the writing of a proposal summary so that we can get final approval for a project I am really, really wanting to see go live.
Working on it has been a little stressful, but I just have to note that sometimes it just really makes me stop and go “wow, this is my life” when I look around at all the talented people I get to work with, and the beautiful things I get to help create. When I am feeling overwhelmed or sad, I need to remember this update because truly my life is full of beauty and magic and people who inspire me every day, and I am damned lucky.

Sang Bu

Speaking of that, here: here is Ryan Mathern’s Dragon Sang Bu in all her glory. If I can have one wish right now it is that she can live here in the park forever so that all my neighbors can feel a smidgen of what I feel right now when they go to visit her. Sometimes living in our neighborhood can feel like living in a war zone, and the Dragon of Compassion is such a peaceful reminder of what is truly important.

The Black Ibis – a kickstarter

Bethalynne Bajema, one of my first internet artist crushes has a new project, The Black Ibis.

The Black Ibis is a graphic novel told in nine books. Each book takes you a little deeper into a dark fairy tale that is based upon my own love of the idea that there exists a world beneath the world. This idea that sometimes a door is not just a mundane door but an entrance to someplace we reserve for our dreams. The story, at its heart, is a simple one. It revolves around one sister trying to find her sister who has become lost. She must follow the same path her sister has set out on going a little farther into this underground world of dark cabarets and strange theaters as she attempts to catch up to her sister, who is falling faster down this path in her desire to finally find a performer known as the Black Ibis

The kickstarter project is to help fund the printing of book one as well as the first of two tarot decks designed to go with the story. For more information and to contribute, check out the project over here… Black Ibis Kickstarter

tee-shirt re-use

I saw this amazing chair on TreeHugger this morning and I HAD to share it with you given I’m currently making a tee-shirt quilt out of a friend’s old college jerseys.

“Swedish designer Maria Westerberg’s T-shirt Chair won this year’s Green Furniture Award. According to the jury, “the chair weaves together a meaningful story using worn textiles. This up-scaling of the classical ‘rag rug’ becomes an unique way of upholstering. T-shirts from friends together with other textiles such as grandma’s curtains, the favourite but now worn out jeans etc, melt together visually to form a colourful symphony of one’s personal history”.”>

Now of course I’m also looking at that box spring frame with new eyes. hmm…

Fascinating Inspirations!

My computer was acting all wonky and slow and I realized I had over 3 dozen tabs open of things I’d marked to read later. Oops! Here’s a few I thought worth sharing:

Amazing photos of some rarely seen sections of the Paris Underground, including some areas being demolished!
SleepyCity -Demolition of the Paris Metro

One couple’s amazing road trip through the Democratic Republic of Congo

you’ll lose a couple hours here if you follow the whole journey. I’m not anywhere near the end yet.

Not visual, but compelling nonetheless, I think I found this via Gala Darling.
On Never Feeling Hot an article on feeling desired from a male point of view.

I know I tweeted this, but it’s worth a link here. Intelligent conversation about what’s going on in Egypt.

ABC News has a challenge to furnish your home (ok, not really, but to think about doing it and trying to prove you can and see what it costs) and that led to this handy site who lists what stuff is actually still made in this country. (not what is just assembled in US Flagged ships that sit offshore of crappy labor law countries – oh, yeah, they do that. I’ll cover that another time.) According to the video at ABC, each of us spending an extra 3.33$ a year on US made goods would produce 10,000 new jobs. Interesting.

This has aired a couple times, but I keep missing it. Next up is next Tuesday, hopefully if I write it here I will remember. Those of you who know me well know this issue hits close to home for my family, it will be interesting to see how much they present, and how.
CIA Secret Experiments on National Geographic Channel
# A U.S. army experiment on New York City in 1966 exposed over a million people to the bacterium bacillus subtilis variant niger. Scientists used light bulbs filled with a combination of bacteria and charcoal particles, which they then dropped through vents onto the subway tracks.
# During this experiment, trillions of germs were released into the transit system during peak travel hours. The trials were conducted without the knowledge or cooperation of the NYC Transit Authority or Police Department.

Read more:

This sort of stuff just creeps me right out!

On a lighter note, the amazing artists behind Teetering Bulb (who I adore) have compiled an A to Z directory of inspiring artists, to be seen here, on

Last, but not least: The Thomas Beale Cipher
I wish I could remember where I discovered this, but regardless I just have to share this really amazing little animated mystery:

The Thomas Beale Cipher: Official Trailer from Andrew S Allen on Vimeo.

watch the whole film here: and see if you can solve all the riddles. (I haven’t yet)

*whew* ok, more later…

So you wanna be in pictures?

As of late, I’ve been getting a little bit restless with one of my side projects. I have this vision of how it should be, but have been frustrated trying to make that vision a reality. It’s one of those projects that has made me miss the creative commons of art school, because frankly, on things like this I work much better with a partner. Luckily, a kindred spirit has appeared on the horizon, and I am finding myself recharged, finally feeling like I can not only make my ideas come to life, but will also see them grow exponentially via collaboration. It’s funny how the universe sends things your way sometimes, isn’t it?

On that note, hey Universe, there’s this great project over here that could use a bit sent it’s way:

As a creative entity InByTheEye is a company I created which focuses on works of a mythic nature – those works being films, writings, plays, and events. I chose this name to remind me of my initial moments of inspiration and hold them tightly as the primary source behind everything I do.

If you are interested in getting involved, or know of a networking/job posting site for actors, please read and share the listings below. Thank you!

1. Seeking stage director/collaborator for unique project. Non-Union. No pay. Familiar with the classics and myths. Stage production based on Alice in Wonderland, with a darker twist. Will go up for one night in January/Feb with two actors playing all roles. Opportunity to develop further. Downtown Atlanta location. — Writer has just relocated to Atlanta from NYC – with experience in the New York theater circle. Not a high budget production first time out. Hope to develop into longer running show. Ability to bring your creative ideas to the table and have them realized. — Please email resume, letter of interest, and questions to Thank you!

2. Seeking actor, male, 30’s, tall, stong, to play multiple roles in new dark fairy tale play going up in Atlanta Jan/Feb for one night. Must be classically trained and able to handle playing more than one role in a show. Good with body and movement. Must be able to lift 100-105 lb actress off the ground. Opportunity to develop this character/s further. Story based on Alice in Wonderland with a dark twist. Please send headshot, resume, and cover letter to
Thank you!

Inspiration, what is it for you?

Every Friday I post a series of images that I find to be inspiring in some way. Some of them reflect ideas for my living space, some a desire for a getaway vacation, some purely for their cuteness, and others because something in them adds to the storyline for the cast of characters who live in my head.

That cast of characters is who I often make my pieces for, and who I write the little stories about.

I have a friend who is what can only be called a professional muse. Songs have been written about her, poetry, even parts for movies. She often says being a muse is just as hard as being the artist, if not harder, but that being the inspiration behind the creation is worth the chaos in her life.

Lately I have been thinking quite a bit about the relationship between inspiration and art and the role of the muse. I wonder how those who are not artists view the same ideas and images.

Does the muse have an important role in the creation of art? Is someone willing to play the role part of the creative process, or just an exhibitionist?


Threadcakes Edible Art contest

Seen via the ReadyMade blog, this is just too hilarious (and awesome) not to share:
Threadcakes, a contest where people make cakes mimicking Threadless tee shirt designs!
Here are all the designs submitted so far.
I think this one might be my favorite right now:

Check out last year’s 3rd place winner, I have this teeshirt! Ha!

Seriously people, go sign up!!! What a great reason to bake a cake…