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I’m still in recuperation and cleanup mode, but here are a few pretty nifty things that have popped up on my feed reader lately. enjoy!
Risotto that’s not Risotto? Yep, it’s made with barley!! Healthy even!!!
mushroom barley “risotto” from the brown eyed baker.

(her photo)

You can listen to the presentations from the “Future of Food” conference online. Nifty!

this is a tea ball. no really, a tea ball.

get yours here:

a dozen great reasons to have urban chickens, and how to care for them:

(the picture belongs to them)

news nails! how to on HauteMacabre

Then there’s: Covet Garden, a very aptly named online magazine. This issue is devoted to the 40’s and 50’s. Yum.

and last, but oh so NOT least, a really awesome video, found via my lovely poet friend Becky

And something a little happier!

Another awesome holiday tutorial, this time from The Crafty Crow

via the Crafty Crow

She says: They are darling for ornaments but they’d make a wonderful garland as well. Put one on your wrist to add a little jingle to your step or tie one on a package to make it extra special.

I also think you could adapt these to cover fairy lights… Plus, they’re made totally from recycled materials! Check out the tutorial here.


A few awesome finds from around the internet this week:

For all my vegetarian Pho loving friends, here’s a recipe for vegan fish sauce using mushrooms:–130535

Tired of having to waste paper and ink printing out an entire page of stuff when maybe you only want a small portion of the info?? This website, found via UnPluggd lets you do just that.
According to the site:
* Enter a URL and click Start. There is nothing to download – everything runs in your browser
* Make the page more readable by changing the font size and type and removing the background
* Combine multiple web pages – edit & print them as one document!
* Save your modified page as a PDF or HTML document
* Remove ads and other junk you don’t want

I was just telling Liz the other day that I wanted some of that Japanese Washi tape. Well, look at this: a tutorial on how to make your own! Sweet!

This is an interesting article from TreeHugger on some new process has patented to make shipping greener. Hmmm…

Speaking of online shopping, for my friends who have Etsy shops, this is a great article from Meylah on what to include in your store policies page: (found via Unanimous Craft)

One more for my crafty friends: Do you know about the Indie Craft Experience Pop-Up Shop? There’s still time to apply!

I hate posting such a downer about candy right before Halloween, but if you haven’t seen this, maybe it will make you re-think where you buy your candy, since some of the biggest names in chocolate for trick-or-treaters are also responsible for some of the last remaining child slavery.
(and if you’re seeing it too late for this year, it’s still good info to have. Maybe if enough people say something, we can make it change?)

Then there’s this awesome bit of body-painted art:
You HAVE to check out the photos, this is amazing stuff!

And last, but not least, via Gala Darling, this:

The EcoEtsy street team

So you may have heard me mention the EcoEtsy street team before. They are really focused on not only highlighting Etsy sellers with earth-friendly business practices, but the team really helps each other find better ways to run their businesses, as well as holding events to fund-raise for different causes.
I’ve been a member for a few years, but a few weeks ago they put out a call for a business tips blog editor, and it seemed like as good a time as any to try and give a little back. Since I’m currently sort of in the middle of re-organizing and trying to answer a lot of questions in my own business, it seemed like sharing my experiences could possibly help others going through the same process.
Friday they did a little introductory post on their blog, which was really sweet. Thank you guys!

My first post for them is coming up on the 16th of July, and it’s going to be about the process of writing a business plan, since that’s what I’m currently mired in the middle of.
Anyway, you can check out all of the members and the team blog right over here:

Craft Night Project: Gorgeous felt Dahlias!

One of my favorite craft bloggers (Not Martha) put up a tutorial for a mother’s day corsage made from felt. I know it’s a little bit late to be posting something for Mother’s Day, but I also thought these would be spectacular for prom season.

Credit: Megan Reardon

Now, the tutorial is awesome, but what I really found really noteworthy is the section she added on working with various weights and types of felt.

I love that she did this, because different felts are just so… different, and really do have different uses. I’ve learned that the hard way on a couple of projects, and so seeing these flowers in comparison with each other is super helpful!
Sad as it makes me, I’ve had to give up working with the Ecospun felt for apparel projects because frankly, it just doesn’t hold up to washing, it starts looking a bit tatty. What Ecospun IS great for, however, is small craft projects like badges, where you want to be able to layer a lot, without it getting bulky, or projects you don’t think you’ll really ever be washing. Or maybe these flowers…

Anyway! if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cut out a million tiny petals now. I have an event to go to in a couple weeks, and I really think one of these flowers would be perfect to wear with the vintage bathing suit a friend gave me… Sort of like this headband adaptation from Kristen (isn’t this the cutest?!?)

credit: Kristen of Briney Deep Designs

The Dirty Dozen Cheat sheet.

So I’ve blogged here before about which veggies and fruits are the most important to buy organic, and which are ok to buy conventionally, but I just have to re-address it after seeing this absolutely awesome guide from one of my favorite crafters, MyPaperCrane. Check out her adorable, and oh so handy guide!

She’s got it available for downloading here:

so you can print it out, laminate it and pass it around to people who are new to this and overwhelmed by all the information out there. I think it really helps to see things in simple terms when you’re just starting out on this journey.
Thank you Heidi!

Liz’s tips for vending at craft fairs

This weekend marked another year at the Inman Park Festival, and despite a soggy Saturday and mostly rained-out parade, we still had a great time. One thing about festivals is that we always get questions from people who make things themselves and are considering taking the plunge into selling. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but I would never discourage anyone from giving it a go, as it can also be quite satisfying. That said, there have been quite a few things we’ve learned over the years and Liz did an absolutely fabulous write-up of some of the more important of those over on her blog. I don’t think I could say it any better than she did, so I’m just going to link to her list.

(flickr photo of our booth from last year by dotD)

So you want to sell your handmade goods at a festival? Here are a few things you won’t find listed on the application.