Adios Frida & Diego

I know it’s been a little quiet around here lately, here’s one reason why: I’m creating a piece for the fashion show part of this event. Adios Frida and Diego at the High Museum of Art.

My piece is inspired by her words

“I tried to drown my Sorrows, but the Bastards learned to swim” and this painting


more pix to come after the event!

7 nights in the dark forest…

The Dark Forest is a place of Secrets and Whispers, where the Trees hold the Souls of the Dead and the Animals seek the Flesh of the Living. Wildness abounds, Spirits linger among the fallen branches, and the dappled Moonlight reveals the true nature of Man and Beast.
Through this Land the young Vasilisa must travel, seeking the wisdom of the Baba Yaga, a devilish Witch conversant in the forgotten languages of the Underworld, who holds the Fire of Life and Death in her hands.

October 11th to Nov 3rd in East Atlanta’s Brownwood Park. A benefit for EACA, showcasing the creativity of our neighborhood.


Earth Day Extravaganza! Celebrate, Educate, Participate!

This is the first part of a three part festival, taking place over Earth Day week. This first portion will coincide with the opening of the East Atlanta Farmer’s Market, on April 19th. More details on the rest tomorrow, including a call for vendors…


By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about the collaboration between Recycle EAV and EACA, which will be bringing you a 3 day Earth Day festival like nothing you’ve ever seen. You may have also heard some talk about lanterns, and a parade. You may be wanting to know more, which makes this your lucky day!
On Thursday, April 19th, right at the closing of the year’s first Farmer’s Market, the festival kicks off with a Wishing Lantern launch. Often seen on Chinese New Year, weddings, or during other significant events, Wishing Lanterns float into the sky like tiny hot air balloons, carrying the hopes and dreams of the person releasing it. The lanterns are large enough to be launched by two people (especially if there are children involved!) and burn completely up in the atmosphere, leaving no litter behind. Do you have a wish for the neighborhood? Come get a lantern and set your dream in motion.
You may purchase your Wish Lantern at the April EACA meeting, on Tuesday April 10th, or at the Farmer’s Market on the day of the Launch. Lanterns are 5$, or 3 for 10$. All proceeds benefit your Community Association and it’s programs. 
Once the wishes have floated away, the Vauxhall Gardens Variety Players, along with special guests from The Imperial OPA, HoopEssence, and Turnin’ Trixx, will lead us in a lit up lantern parade of epic proportions, through the Village and down to Brownwood Park.
If you don’t have a lantern, come by one of our two lantern-making workshops and create your masterpiece. The first workshop will be held Thursday April 12th, in the back of the Farmer’s Market lot from 5-8pm. The second workshop will take place during the Farmer’s Market on the 19th. Some materials will be provided, feel free to bring your own, as well as your imagination. You will need a battery operated light source for your lantern, some may be available for purchase at the workshops, but supplies are limited.
Once the Parade has wound it’s way to the Park, you will be treated to more fantastical performances from the entertainers listed above, in preparation for the launch of the first of EACA’s Movies in the Park series. Films are provided this month by Studio Outpost, and will feature local artists and films. 
This is a great free event for all ages, and we hope to see you there. 

Hello real life!

So there was plague. omg was there plague. It hit our house like a sleigh full of germy gravel the day after Christmas (screw you, Santa) and we didn’t really start shoveling our way out of it until like two days ago.

In light of not feeling like death, looks like the husband and I are actually leaving the house tonight and heading to a Speakeasy party. I wish I’d had time to throw together a real costume, but I’ll just have to ransack my closet, grump a little and then settle for coveting my friend Aimee’s outfit, which I gather will be dazzling if the links to pieces from Etsy are any indication.

The Lady L taught me to not be afraid of handstands. I still fall right over, but there is much progress since the last time I tried (and gave myself a concussion – yes it was spectacular and became irrationally afraid of them). Her way of building up to them is much gentler, so when I fall over it’s a no-brainer to pop right back up.

Moving on!
I’m so excited I can barely contain myself about two upcoming projects I’m working on. One will be on Earth Day in the Village, and it will involve community education on lots of fun happy-earth stuff, a craft fair, craft making, and best of all, A PARADE! Even better, said parade will be at night, everyone will be lit up, there will be a marching band, fire dancers, lanterns, more dancers and giant puppets. Giant Puppets!

The other will be in the fall, also in the Village, and I’ll be a little more circumspect about the details except to say that it will be an immersive experience involving Russian folklore, dancers, more fire, puppets, fairy tales, bones and houses that run around on legs. Mmm Hmm. (Some days I can’t believe I actually get to make these things happen!)

There’s more stuff, but those are the two biggies so far, because they’re actually funded and being started on. I’ll update on the rest when I know if we can actually do the rest.

On a lower note, there’s some other sorta odd stuff happening which is kinda scary, but I have faith it’s the right stuff and that a year from now I’ll be really happy I did this. Sometimes it takes a lot of bravery and some thinking outside the box to get what you want and need, and I need to be brave.

Liz is moving out of the yellow house, which makes me a sad panda, but it’s really exciting for her future, so I can’t be too sad.
A girl named Kate is moving in, who some of you locals might know. She’s a really amazing artist who draws modern pinup girls, so that should be a lot of fun. I’m taking over the rest of the space to give myself some needed breathing room. This means I get to hang my aerial stuff inside for once, and install a ballet barre. There’s been no room for even a yoga mat in our house for so long, so being able to move again, (in climate control at that!) is going to be really, really good for me. I already feel a million pounds off my chest having made the decisions, so despite not quite knowing how I’m going to make it all work financially, I know it’s a step in the right direction.

Oh, and yeah, I need to make a lot more money this year. Got job?

Ok. Now I have to go clean the house because family is coming this weekend and this place still has gravel everywhere.

whirlwind weekend!

Liz and I set up Saturday and Sunday at Wedding Day Hooray, a wedding-themed show put on by the ladies behind the Indie Craft Experience. It was a long weekend, but fun. The other vendors were amazing, AND we got free cupcakes.
Here is a shot of our booth, courtesy the lovely ladies at Paper Acorn:

Saturday night was Dr Sketchy’s at Sutra, a benefit for the Fringe Festival Atlanta. Since it was a benefit and we couldn’t pay a model, Lisa and I took turns posing with some volunteers from the audience. Here I am pretending to be the moon.

Then Nibbler went missing for a day, but we found her in a thicket, hiding out. She has some strange bite on her head (spider?) that had gotten all infected and made her feel lousy. Now she’s on fluids and antibiotics and should be all good in a few days.

Wayne’s team won the 24 Hours of LeMons last weekend, which is awesome, but he came home with a nasty cold and I think he’s given it to me. Time to mainline orange juice and garlic…