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Ollie, he looks fierce, but he’s such a softie!

Meet Oliver. He is a proper British octopus, raised in the English Channel. One day, he fell in love with an exotic lady octopus named Maria, visiting England aboard a rather grand Spanish galleon. So entranced by Maria was he, Edward gave up his life of comfort and took off to the open sea to be with her. They enjoyed several years of adventure, until one day when a cantankerous white whale by the name of Moby decided Maria looked a little too tasty. Edward tried on vain to save her, losing a leg in the process. So heartbroken was he, that he gave up his life in the ocean, returning to the Channel, where I found him crying amongst the mermaids. Please love him and give him a good home, as he has a very tender heart and is a loyal companion. He likes cuddles and cartoons and breakfast in bed. Oh, and the occasional scooter ride for those days when he longs to feel the breeze and reminisce about his lost love.

(made for a friend)

So this happened

More details on that project coming soon!

Also this precious thing was delivered yesterday:

I’m so excited I can’t stand myself.

Rearranging the yellow house. We got a pair of new tenants, so we reconfiured the rooms to give everyone some more privacy. They all work nights and since I have people in the studio during the day it’s going to make everyone happier to have separate spaces. I lost my bathroom access, but oh well. Also, I can finally bring Lucie-Fur over to be studio cat since she really doesn’t like being in a house with 5 other cats. SO, everything is a disaster right now as walls are being built and rooms moved from one to the other, but it’s going to be amazing in the end.

ANd last, but not least… starting to prep for the halloween rush!

The Snow Princess

Recently, a fellow Etsy-an contacted me about custom making one of my Snow Queen capelets in child’s size for a photoshoot. After a postal snafu of epic proportions, the capelet arrived, and the photoshoot was staged. Yesterday, I saw the results, and they are so gorgeous I just have to share.

The images were shot by Julie of This Little Piggy photography out of Chicago.

But wait, there’s more! She also made those adorable crowns, and sells them in her own Etsy shop

ANyway, many many thanks to Julie and This Little Piggy. I’ll be making a few more of these capelets next week and listing them in my shop, if anyone is interested in one of their own.

last minute decorating

If you’re as behind as I am on Festivus-Izing your house, here are a couple quick ideas to help get you in the spirit!


Ok, I have to admit, that one isn’t entirely quick, but it WAS somewhat satisfying to nail thru all those bottlecaps! You don’t even have to spraypaint them first, but DO put a pile of magazines or something under them while you’re hammering a nail thru the center if you don’t want to ruin your table. String a coathanger thru the nail holes, make a circle, twist the ends of the wire, then cover it with a little ribbon! Voila! easy peasy recycled wreath.

And then there’s this awesome little piece on tabletop trees seen on Curbly:

I think I have time for a couple of those! Too Cute, check em out!