7 nights in the dark forest…

The Dark Forest is a place of Secrets and Whispers, where the Trees hold the Souls of the Dead and the Animals seek the Flesh of the Living. Wildness abounds, Spirits linger among the fallen branches, and the dappled Moonlight reveals the true nature of Man and Beast.
Through this Land the young Vasilisa must travel, seeking the wisdom of the Baba Yaga, a devilish Witch conversant in the forgotten languages of the Underworld, who holds the Fire of Life and Death in her hands.

October 11th to Nov 3rd in East Atlanta’s Brownwood Park. A benefit for EACA, showcasing the creativity of our neighborhood.


So this happened

More details on that project coming soon!

Also this precious thing was delivered yesterday:

I’m so excited I can’t stand myself.

Rearranging the yellow house. We got a pair of new tenants, so we reconfiured the rooms to give everyone some more privacy. They all work nights and since I have people in the studio during the day it’s going to make everyone happier to have separate spaces. I lost my bathroom access, but oh well. Also, I can finally bring Lucie-Fur over to be studio cat since she really doesn’t like being in a house with 5 other cats. SO, everything is a disaster right now as walls are being built and rooms moved from one to the other, but it’s going to be amazing in the end.

ANd last, but not least… starting to prep for the halloween rush!

Axes and Hammers and Crowbars, oh my!

The Lady L was gracious enough to give up part of her friday evening to help me conquer the drop ceiling in my to-be aerial room. It was very cathartic.

Next up, removing the faux “rafters” and repairing the original plaster ceiling.

I’d like to say I’d get that done this weekend, but I don’t think I have the money in my budget for a few weeks to finish all of it. I’ll probably have to put up cardboard in the meantime since there are some actual holes from where the old roof leaked. Also, we discovered that the 12 foot original ceiling was for a room with a different footprint than the current room. At some point, a hallway was carved out and so the 12 foot ceiling extends across the hall, and the wall for the room does not go all the way up. I think that I’m going to lay a floor across the rafters over the hall and use it as storage. I can put cabinet doors on it from the room side, instead of rebuilding the wall higher. I’ve lived places with this sort of storage before, and it’s drastically more convenient than having to get all the way into the attic. We also unearthed the remnants of another fireplace, but sadly they disassembled the lower part and build a closet where the mantle would have been.
Sometimes the decisions people make while “renovating” old houses make me very sad.

I’ll be building some sort of support from the attic side to hold the rigging points, but that is also a project for a day when I have help.

In other news, part of the reason it’s been quiet here this week is because I was also up north, helping my mom with her house. She lucked out when ripping up the carpet, and the hardwoods underneath can get by with only some minor work (well, there are a couple spots that need new boards, but that will wait for a while, they are in a closet and mostly hidden) We did some minor repairs and refreshed the finish, and it looks so good! I’m also getting a chance to brush up on my electrician skills with a couple of tiny projects – replacing light fixtures and hunting down a new exhaust fan motor for her kitchen.
It so satisfying to see immediate improvements. Flipping the switch and the new chandelier works? Simple, but a nice payoff. Small projects tide me over while the big ones are waiting on more funding.
I really do love working on houses.

whirlwind weekend!

Liz and I set up Saturday and Sunday at Wedding Day Hooray, a wedding-themed show put on by the ladies behind the Indie Craft Experience. It was a long weekend, but fun. The other vendors were amazing, AND we got free cupcakes.
Here is a shot of our booth, courtesy the lovely ladies at Paper Acorn:

Saturday night was Dr Sketchy’s at Sutra, a benefit for the Fringe Festival Atlanta. Since it was a benefit and we couldn’t pay a model, Lisa and I took turns posing with some volunteers from the audience. Here I am pretending to be the moon.

Then Nibbler went missing for a day, but we found her in a thicket, hiding out. She has some strange bite on her head (spider?) that had gotten all infected and made her feel lousy. Now she’s on fluids and antibiotics and should be all good in a few days.

Wayne’s team won the 24 Hours of LeMons last weekend, which is awesome, but he came home with a nasty cold and I think he’s given it to me. Time to mainline orange juice and garlic…

What would you do

If you knew you would succeed?
This question has been floating about the internet for a while, and I guess I’m just full of questions this week, so let’s hear it?
Picture answers are ok.

ps. I know that nothing worthwhile comes without effort and the risk of failure, but that isn’t the point of this exercise ; )

learning new things

Remember that video I posted Monday? Well, I’m taking it’s advice. I shot video of myself practicing today, and wow is it weird seeing yourself do stuff! I already have been able to see why some moves feel so weird, and a couple things I need to really focus on. It’s such a great learning tool! Plus, someday when I’m better, I can look back at what I shot today and see improvement and maybe not be so discouraged.

I’ll just stick a couple stills here for posterity: