A little while ago my friend Lindsay asked me to help her create part of her costume for a new piece she was creating.  These button up jackets are sewn from a sturdy stretchy mesh and stretch lace for ease of movement. Peplum is longer in the back in a nod to Victorian style.


I was thrilled with how they came out, and love how they work with her beautiful choreography. I screen capped a couple of bits from her performance until stills become available.

Only Bird by Lindsay R Pierce

You can see her whole piece, performed with Errin, here:

I’m making a couple minor modifications and adding them to the shop soon.

Oh Betty.

I saw a capelet like this on Betty Draper a few episodes back (yes, we’re behind by a couple seasons) and I’ve been obsessing about it ever since. I finally had a minute to sit down and try to work it out. There are still a couple things I need to tweak, but it’s pretty close! (For the record, her’s was fur)

Ollie, he looks fierce, but he’s such a softie!

Meet Oliver. He is a proper British octopus, raised in the English Channel. One day, he fell in love with an exotic lady octopus named Maria, visiting England aboard a rather grand Spanish galleon. So entranced by Maria was he, Edward gave up his life of comfort and took off to the open sea to be with her. They enjoyed several years of adventure, until one day when a cantankerous white whale by the name of Moby decided Maria looked a little too tasty. Edward tried on vain to save her, losing a leg in the process. So heartbroken was he, that he gave up his life in the ocean, returning to the Channel, where I found him crying amongst the mermaids. Please love him and give him a good home, as he has a very tender heart and is a loyal companion. He likes cuddles and cartoons and breakfast in bed. Oh, and the occasional scooter ride for those days when he longs to feel the breeze and reminisce about his lost love.

(made for a friend)

Sailing Away on a Sea of Stories

The first shots are rolling in from this shoot with the lovely Lindsay Pierce and extraordinary Atlanta Wedding Photographers

This was my first collaboration with them, although not the first time I’ve enjoyed their photographic exploits. In fact, here’s a shot of my friend Liz and I at the Indie Craft Experience, where they regularly set up really fun photobooths:

Anyway, back to the shoot. I knew it would be at the Goat Farm, otherwise known as Murray Mill, a turn of the century factory which produced cotton gins. It was really fantastic knowing I’d be shooting there, as my husband and I actually lived on the grounds for several years before we bought our house.

(things have changed a little… this used to be a burned-out building, now it’s a playground!)

The second really exciting part was getting to work with Lindsay Pierce again. I’d worked with her during Lisa Stock’s adaptation of Snow, Glass, Apples and admired her ability to portray emotion with deceptively simple gestures.
Lindsay and I had begun a conversation during that event about childhoods, in which we compared our versions of running wild, unsupervised, and finding our own way thru the forest. I really wanted to bring that vision to life, and since Mark gave me free reign, I ran with it. 15 minutes of chatting with Lindsay and we had our character, a feral child, raised not by wolves, but by books.
In our imaginary world, books came alive, and turned a dusty attic into an around the world adventure. Pages scuttled across the floor to become waves, volumes rose in the air to form clouds, all whispering in Lindsay’s ear to set sail across the ocean of words.

There might have also been a tiny boat hat.

Anyway! We arrived at the Goat Farm with a pirate ship and all the necessities to sail the globe, hauled them up some dusty stairs into the place where the magic happens. Lindsay donned her costume, and as I tamed the rollicking waves of her pincurled hair, Mark got sneaky with the instagram.

Then, the interns arrived. The soon-to-be-famous Season Seven, plus the Plusses from previous internships.

After a little pep talk, they were set loose on Lindsay and three other stations around the property. Here are a few more of my favorite shots:

Perhaps the best thing is the way they made the pirate ship work. I really wanted there to be the shadow of the imagination in the background… what the stories were whispering into Lindsay’s ear. There were some technical difficulties with my very old projector, but Mark is so skilled at lighting he made it work. Tim Gunn would be proud.
anyway… one more and then I’ll hush: