whirlwind weekend!

Liz and I set up Saturday and Sunday at Wedding Day Hooray, a wedding-themed show put on by the ladies behind the Indie Craft Experience. It was a long weekend, but fun. The other vendors were amazing, AND we got free cupcakes.
Here is a shot of our booth, courtesy the lovely ladies at Paper Acorn:

Saturday night was Dr Sketchy’s at Sutra, a benefit for the Fringe Festival Atlanta. Since it was a benefit and we couldn’t pay a model, Lisa and I took turns posing with some volunteers from the audience. Here I am pretending to be the moon.

Then Nibbler went missing for a day, but we found her in a thicket, hiding out. She has some strange bite on her head (spider?) that had gotten all infected and made her feel lousy. Now she’s on fluids and antibiotics and should be all good in a few days.

Wayne’s team won the 24 Hours of LeMons last weekend, which is awesome, but he came home with a nasty cold and I think he’s given it to me. Time to mainline orange juice and garlic…


Been working on a new series of vintage perfume bottle necklaces:

White Rose, Red Heart

You only get one true love.
People who say otherwise have never felt true passion, I know this now. Oh do I know it.
Each day I awaken, hoping these last weeks were all a nightmare and she is still lying next to me, her hair shining in the morning sunlight.
Each night I lie in that same bed, tossing and turning, the haunting smell of her perfume a sweet torture to my soul. I caress the tiny bottle as if a genie would appear to grant me my three wishes, although each wish would be the same: Bring her back, oh please, bring her back.

The Syrens Have Won

My dearest Love,
By now you will surely have given up on the sea returning me to your side, and I do not mean this note to give you false hope. I am gone, the victim of my own fickle heart in an act of betrayal I must ashamedly confess to you. I was lured by the singing, the otherworldly voices just beyond the rocks. For an instant, I confused her blonde tresses with yours, my love. Please forgive me my trespass, by the time I saw the coldness in her eyes, I was already too far gone.

Enclosed in this bottle you will find the only things I have left in this world to give to you. I hope you will take these jewels for a new life, a happy life with a better man.

The map is a warning.

Please do not mourn my foolishness, for I am unworthy of your pity. I am just a shell of a man who fell for the songs of the Syren.

Bones of Fairies Past

The old woman had always been a mystery – shut into her apartment with the funniest little noises. Some neighbors thought her haunted, others insane, but the little girl downstairs knew the truth. Over the years the noises grew less and less frequent until the girl’s 14th birthday when the door was simply open, dust motes sparkling in the sunshine, but not much else inside.
She crept beyond the squeaking hinges and went room by room looking for something, anything to explain the sudden disappearance. About to give up, in despair that the grown ups had thrown away her mystery, she heard a tiny giggle coming from the empty closet. There, back in the corner of the uppermost shelf lay a tiny jar and a note:

Please care for her bones, they are all I had left of her in this world. You cannot pronounce her true name, but she will answer to Violet.

capelets back in stock!

I’ve found a great source for remnants of heavier-weight fabrics. Many of them are used in home-dec, so when they get down to the smaller yardages, they often go to waste. This means I get to rescue all sorts of amazing velvets and brocades, and I’ve been having a great time making capelets out of them!

With the weather as unpredictable as it has been, these guys are great for keeping your shoulders warm on chilly nights.

A few new things in the shop this week

I was gifted a box of broken and unloved costume jewelry a while back, that and some other amazing found objects have had me in front of the jewelry bench all week reworking the treasures!

They say that when the rats escaped Nimh, they’d grown so smart they could pass as human. Eventually, a few of them might have become human, like in those fairytales about the Selkies. The one thing they need to protect in order to stay in our world is their bones, always wearing them around their necks. To some, this is merely pretty jewelry, if a little morbid. But to those who know the secrets…

Carousel Horses
The littlest horse had a plan. The others told him it was futile to dream of an escape, but he knew that someday the right girl would come along, and her imagination would free his feet from the never ending round-and-round. Together they would gallop away through the streets of Paris, flying at night over the Seine with the Gargoyles.

all in the SHOP

More uses for old sweaters

I haven’t crocheted much lately because my hands had been giving me problems, but when it’s warm like this it becomes a lot easier for me. Of course now it’s entirely too hot to be thinking about scarves and hats, so I decided to try my hand at some baskets.
Many of the sweaters I seek out to reconstruct are finely woven, but lately I’ve been finding a lot of those great late-1980’s GAP sweaters… you know, the loosely woven, oversized cotton and wool ones that we all had in every color? (or was that just me) They don’t reconstruct well, but they DO unravel like a dream, and the yarns are really great for small projects like these. I left the cotton ones as-is, but decided to felt the wool. I’m sort of addicted to making these now, they are great sit-in-front-of-the-tv projects.
No pattern, so no two are alike.

Next batch of sweaters I get, I’ll try and remember to take photos of the unravelling process for any of you other recycling knitters!