How do I Recycle??

So a friend just posted a link to a LA times feature where they pick an object each week and tell you where and how to recycle it. I think that’s pretty amazing, since it can be hard to figure out how to recycle some stuff, and there are a lot of things people don’t realize you CAN recycle (as we found out during the Earth Day festival…)

I have just been inspired to create a new blog feature! I guess it will have to focus on City of Atlanta and maybe Fulton and Dekalb counties if I can get enough info. It would also be kind of fun to post things made from those objects that can be re-used in addition to recycled.

yay inspiration! I’ll start on Wednesday…

How East Atlanta Village celebrates Earth Day

So we made some lanterns:

My Lantern, representing the village:

And launched some wishes:
Fly! Be Free!

And had a parade:
The parade starts

Then there were performances:
HoopEssence gives fiery performance
Juggling fire!

and short films in the park:
Short films to watch

(most of the above photos are by John E. Ramspott /BURNAWAY on Flickr)

Then we came back on Saturday for more:

and had demonstrations on gardening, biodiesel, cycling and pedestrian friendliness, a seed swap, park tours, history tours and a fleet of alternative fuel cars!

It was a lot of work, but at the end of the day, we collected 4 truckloads of electronics, a truckload of paint, a truckload of tires, a huge box of batteries, another huge box of CFL bulbs, a grocery bag of printer cartridges, and close to 100 cellphones for recycling. We also collected a couple dozen pairs of eyeglasses for reuse, and over 5 huge boxes of books for the library. Then there was the freecycling… oh WOW did we freecycle some cool stuff! All the leftovers were donated to charity or to Wonderroot’s creative reuse team.

Thanks East Atlanta! It was a success and we hope to do it all over again next Earth Day!

Crafting with NUNO

Nuno magazine is a recycler’s dream. It’s full of creative reuse projects that are simple and fun.

They just released their latest issue, right in time to get started on some handmade holiday crafts with kids! Look at some of the cute things you can make:

You can see their blog, a preview of all 5 issues, and get your download of the current issue all RIGHT HERE

30 days, 30 upcycled projects
what a great blog, and a great idea.

You can even join in… they’ll keep the project going as long as people keep submitting!

Here we create one product per day out of discarded material. Our goal is to design beautiful and useful things for 30 days in a row. For everyone who collaborates and sends us their project, the blog will be extended for one day. Find trash, be creative and post your masterpieces!

these bracelets are from Day 3, made out of tin cans by Magdalena and Lisa. So pretty!


A fellow eco-etsian alerted me to this new “social” website that, if I understand it correctly, connects people with products to be recycled with people who want to make things out of the recyclables.

“Salvagr is a social marketplace on a mission: To divert waste from landfills and transform it into useful new products.”

I think it also will serve as a marketplace to sell the finished products. I’ve signed up for a beta invite because it sounds intriguing. If you want to sign up as well (it’s free) you can go here:

(image via salvagr on thefancy)
I’ll keep everyone updated once I get access. It sounds promising!

Still snowed in.

Well, actually we’re iced in. Today I’ll be digging out my skates and going to find an unmolested parking lot to bust my arse skate in. Whee!

Luckily our power hasn’t gone out, which means a lot of internet time since there isn’t much else to do but clean. (Oh how I wish I’d made a sewing-supplies run before this storm hit!) In all that I ran across this genius idea for re-using your tuna cans on Makezine. I don’t much eat canned tuna, but oh boy do I go thru a lot of steel cat food cans, so I LOVE this. I expect squee!s from fellow bento lunch lovers:

Phone books = freedom of speech? wtf?

I realize that there are a lot of crazy things in the news this week and that this may seem trivial, however it’s a real pet peeve of mine, so I just have to write about this.

You see, In my household and all across my neighborhood there’s been a running battle to get the people who deliver the phone books to stop delivering them. I’ve called number after number, year after year, I’ve been assured they only deliver to people who want them, despite the fact that I don’t want them and keep getting them. I’ve even tried to stop the actual person dropping off the book in my yard, only to be told they are required to leave it, and it isn’t their problem if I don’t want it.

According to
“Did you know that up to 5 million trees are cut down each year to create the white pages phone book and that taxpayers are spending $17 million each year to have these books recycled? ”

It’s not just phone books around here either. A local paper puts out a weekly coupon/ad supplement that also gets tossed into every yard, even after phone calls to the paper and neighborhood petitions to end this “service”.

From my standpoint, this is not only litter (it all goes straight to the recycling bin. I can’t recall the last time I actually used a phone book, hi internet!) it’s a public safety hazard. Books sit all afternoon in driveways, alerting those casing houses that no one is home. Circulars pile up in front of empty or foreclosed houses, only to later blow all over the neighborhood until the rain plasters them to a solid surface.

So when I read that Seattle had instituted a ban on companies just leaving phone books lying around unless someone specifically requests it, I was overjoyed. Go Seattle! Now bring that option here!

Except wait a minute. In what can only be described as an incredible case of hubris, the publishers of the Yellow Pages are actually SUING the city of Seattle, saying it is their right of free speech to distribute these books as they see fit.
“Dex Media West, SuperMedia LLC and the Yellow Pages Association claim in U.S. District Court in Seattle that the law passed by the City Council last month violates their First Amendment rights to free speech and will hurt them financially.”

Seriously? Free Speech? Oh Yellow Pages, how could you be so arrogant? You force a pile of dead tree onto me that I find morally reprehensible, then make me pay to get rid of it thru recycling fees. Yet somehow YOUR rights are being infringed when someone says that is not right? You should be ashamed.

Until someone at the phone company comes to their senses, if you’d like to add your voice and your address to the list of people opting out, you can hit up for more info and to sign a petition to make opt-in a national standard.