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Was lucky enough to have my dupioni silk wedding kimono used in a photoshoot by amazing Atlanta photo team

Check out the entire set here for some amazing work!

Thank you Leah, Mark and Raven!


So you wanna be in pictures?

As of late, I’ve been getting a little bit restless with one of my side projects. I have this vision of how it should be, but have been frustrated trying to make that vision a reality. It’s one of those projects that has made me miss the creative commons of art school, because frankly, on things like this I work much better with a partner. Luckily, a kindred spirit has appeared on the horizon, and I am finding myself recharged, finally feeling like I can not only make my ideas come to life, but will also see them grow exponentially via collaboration. It’s funny how the universe sends things your way sometimes, isn’t it?

On that note, hey Universe, there’s this great project over here that could use a bit sent it’s way:

As a creative entity InByTheEye is a company I created which focuses on works of a mythic nature – those works being films, writings, plays, and events. I chose this name to remind me of my initial moments of inspiration and hold them tightly as the primary source behind everything I do.

If you are interested in getting involved, or know of a networking/job posting site for actors, please read and share the listings below. Thank you!

1. Seeking stage director/collaborator for unique project. Non-Union. No pay. Familiar with the classics and myths. Stage production based on Alice in Wonderland, with a darker twist. Will go up for one night in January/Feb with two actors playing all roles. Opportunity to develop further. Downtown Atlanta location. — Writer has just relocated to Atlanta from NYC – with experience in the New York theater circle. Not a high budget production first time out. Hope to develop into longer running show. Ability to bring your creative ideas to the table and have them realized. — Please email resume, letter of interest, and questions to Thank you!

2. Seeking actor, male, 30’s, tall, stong, to play multiple roles in new dark fairy tale play going up in Atlanta Jan/Feb for one night. Must be classically trained and able to handle playing more than one role in a show. Good with body and movement. Must be able to lift 100-105 lb actress off the ground. Opportunity to develop this character/s further. Story based on Alice in Wonderland with a dark twist. Please send headshot, resume, and cover letter to
Thank you!

learning new things

Remember that video I posted Monday? Well, I’m taking it’s advice. I shot video of myself practicing today, and wow is it weird seeing yourself do stuff! I already have been able to see why some moves feel so weird, and a couple things I need to really focus on. It’s such a great learning tool! Plus, someday when I’m better, I can look back at what I shot today and see improvement and maybe not be so discouraged.

I’ll just stick a couple stills here for posterity:

Bring Back Home-Ec?

So after a half-joking remark left on Facebook, and then a somewhat more serious discussion with my mother this weekend, I’m seriously contemplating teaching a series of home-ec type classes. Little basic things… replacing a zipper, hemming a skirt, cooking basic meals from scratch, how to make a birthday cake, how to make a budget, how to can tomatoes… basic stuff that no one these days ever really teaches.
Except the modern way, you know: Online.


I don’t really have any details worked out, and I’m still in contemplation/research mode, but I’m putting it out here anyway, because that’s how the universe works. So, ok, Universe, is this a good idea? What do you have to tell me about this?

Tutorial – Stashbuster Potholders

Y’all may recall the big Michigan House-clean-out project from last spring after my Uncle passed away? Well, one of the things I was most excited to find was my great-grandmother’s sewing machine and several big boxes of fabric scraps, trims, notions and a humongous pile of cotton quilt squares. Every single one of these squares is a remnant of a sewing project, or a piece of clothing she could no longer wear sliced up. This woman was a genius at re-use and I am learning as much as I can from what she left behind.
Anyway, I’ve been sitting on these quilt blocks for a while, knowing I would never turn them into an actual quilt but still wanting to do something cool with them. Finally I decided they would make really cute kitchen accessories. I’m starting with the hotpads, because I remembered my mom having some like these when I was a kid. It took making a couple before I figured out the easiest way, and since I know I’m not the only one with a million tiny fabric scraps, I thought I’d make a tutorial.

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need whatever you’re going to use for the top. Any natural fabric will do, it can be sewn into a mini-quilt, or just left in one big sheet. These are about 8″ square. You’ll also need a backing fabric, and this should be a little heavier-duty. I’m using the legs of some jeans that are no longer wearable.
Next, you’ll want something to pad it with. You could use quilt batting, but since I’m in recycle mode, I chose a couple layers of scrap felt.
Finally, you’ll want some trim. I chose ric-rac because that’s what was on my mom’s. You could use ribbon, cotton lace, piping, or you could just leave it off.

Ready to sew? Ok! Iron your top square and then use it as a template to cut out your backing square.

Then, with right sides together, pin the squares together. If you are using trim, sandwich it inbetween the squares, with about half of it inside where your stitch line is going to be.
Sew three sides together. (my trim here is orange ric-rac, you can barely see it poking out between the squares)

On the open end, stitch just the trim to the top square, following your previous line. This will make it easier when you go to close it up. Next, turn the piece right-side out and give it a good iron. On the open side, iron to the inside about 1/4 of an inch on the bottom, and right along your stitch line on the top.
Now, take whatever you’re using to stuff the pad, and insert it.

Pin closed along your fold line and topstitch closed. Continue your topstitch around the entire square. (note: I broke my topstitch needle. I’m using a regular one and if you don’t have one, it will look like these do, which is fine. A topstitch needle will simply give the stitch more definition)

And there ya go! You just made a hotpad!

Stay tuned for some coordinating tea towels, cast iron pan sleeves, and hostess aprons. Maybe even a few coasters if I can find my glass cutter…

hello shop!

Between a crashed computer, a broken camera, and a new studio space with totally different lighting, I’ve got to admit I’ve been sort of struggling with finding the best way to photograph items for my shop. I’ve been determined to fix this problem and have been experimenting with different setups, finally landing on one that I think is working for me, at least for small items like jewelry. Next up, have to tackle the larger items like clothing, especially the sizes that are larger than my mannekin.
Anyway, small shop updates will be coming all week as I get these pictures uploaded. There’s some progress anyway! I think I’ll do a little picture-taking tutorial next week as well, even if it’s just so I can remember what works and what doesn’t…

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