Goodbye STUFF!

Goodbye STUFF!

For Lent (I’m not Catholic, I just think it’s an interesting exercise) I’m giving up stuff.

Something leaves my house every day, whether it’s giving it away to a friend, donating it, sending it back where it belongs, recycling it or trashing it. So far two IKEA bags of clothes and household items have gone to donation, a pile of books to a little free library, and three garbage bags of fabric scraps to the trash.

So much more to go. Where did all this STUFF come from?

Aphrodite Cosplay for SMITE

Aphrodite Cosplay for SMITE

I’m guilty, like a lot of people I know, of letting the ease of Facebook kill my daily blogging. My apologies to everyone (including myself) for that, and here’s to trying to write real entries again that are more than a couple of sentences!

First, to catch up on some projects I really enjoyed. I’ve made two costumes in the last year for the same video game character, Aphrodite from the SMITE series. This is the first one, based on the original character skin. The model is Angie Starr. This was a super fun project to work on, and this spring Angie and I re-visited the character based on a new Legendary skin for the SMITE championship tournament. I’ll post those photos tomorrow.

Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0


Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0

Aphrodite v 1.0

Kitten Update!

Our current tenant is moving out, so I was looking back thru this poor neglected blog for photos we took of the studio apartment when we first finished it. I realized I’d never updated the Baby Jessie story, so here goes…

We had her for about a week when we realized Baby Jessie just didn’t fit. Once she started eating again, she was the funniest cat, and would squirm along the floor like a worm. So, we re-named her Noodle. She even got her own Facebook Page.

Thanks to the generosity of a lot of people, we got her nursed back to health and spayed, and a dear friend decided she would make a perfect friend for her lonely boy kitty.

So off Noodle went, to live in a fancy highrise.

And she even has a boyfriend.

and has learned to love the food lady:

So, a very happy ending for everyone involved.

Our adventures in AirBnB

So after 10 days of scrubbing, sanding, painting, constructing, plumbing, cat rescuing and even some spelunking into a well, we finally mostly got the property ready to go. We have a short term tenant in it right now, so I’ll probably do a little more work when she finds a house to buy and moves on, but here is the result so far:
photo 4
bed area:
photo 3
laundry closet to the left:
photo 2
photo 1

Need to get a wide angle lens out for real photos instead of using my phone, but that will happen later. There are still a few things I want to change before we put it up on airbnb website.

Baby Jessie and the Hellmouth

So Wanderland is undergoing a few changes these days. We’ve decided that due to the limitations of the house as it is, we are going to do short term AirBnB rentals in a portion of it. Our tenants have left and last week we started the process of installing a kitchenette in the area we’re closing off for rental. While running new plumbing, my husband ran across an odd hole in the crawlspace, pretty much almost fell into it. Looking down into the abyss, he saw a pair of glowing eyes at the bottom, and slowly, the reality of the situation became apparent. He was laying atop the mouth of what was most likely an old well, and there was a CAT at the very bottom of it, about 30 feet down, meowing pitifully.

After ascertaining it was not one of ours, we had some moments of complete panic and frustration about how to get the poor thing out. The hole is situated so putting a person or anything large down it was not really possible. Eventually, we decided on a soft sided basket with food in it on a rope, with a prayer the cat would get in and wouldn’t jump back out when we tried to raise the basket.

As it turns out, jumping out wasn’t an issue, she was so emaciated and weak she could barely walk, and we’re frankly surprised she was able to get IN the basket. When we got her back up, she was literally skin and bones and stuck to my husband like velcro.

A trip to the vet in the morning revealed she had probably been down there close to three weeks, and we got her out literally just in time.
The vet kept her for a couple of days, on an IV to get fluids and some nutrition into her, because she literally couldn’t eat enough on her own. She is home now, but she’s still really weak and has a little trouble walking. We’re working on getting her healthy again.


Of course we were dying to know what was down in the hole, because my husband could see other things, so he attached a go pro to a rope with a flashlight and sent it down the hole. Fair warning, you might not want to watch this alone in the dark.

We didn’t get the camera all the way to the bottom because it got stuck on something we couldn’t see. Maybe someday when we gut this house for a complete renovation, we’ll lift the floor above it and explore fully. Right now we’ve just put heavy boards across it so no other poor animal can fall down it. I’m really trying not to think about why there is a bathtub and someone’s clothing down there.

(oh, and we named kitty Baby Jessie and yes, we’re keeping her)

looking back, looking ahead


January Husband and I took a “vacation” to the fancy part of town. Stayed in a nice hotel, ate at fancy restaurants, pretended we were the other half for a minute. It was fun, but I think I like my half better.
leaving the land of make-believe

February A quiet month full of crafting and books
reading stories about sea monsters

March Went to see a mermaid and took a hike through some beautiful woods.
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 1.34.37 PM

April Threw the first annual East Atlanta Pollen Festival
Special Sangria

May Participated in a fashion show at the High Museum
culture shock - Frida Kahlo

June went to the beach

July Found a kitten

August DragonCon
Kratos and The Oracle

September A mermaid walks into a bar…
a mermaid walks into a bar

October Day of the Cupcake
Day of the Cupcake

November The Deep
The Deep

December Friends
winter wonderland

2014 is the year of fixing what’s broken, including me. More books, more music, more sleep, more patience, more understanding, more love. More fun, more creativity, more friends, less tilting at windmills, less guilt, less stress, less anger. More dancing, more sex, more petting kittens.
2013 was bad because I let it be. 2014 won’t get that opportunity.