gifts for foodies

Tis the season for gift giving for many of us, so I thought I’d devote this friday follies to a few gift suggestions. Since food was the theme for most of us yesterday, might as well start with kitchen-based gifts!

Every chef or hostess would love a set of beautiful, heirloom quality, handmade cloth dinner napkins:

Another serious chef’s luxury is gourmet salt. These jars may not please a die-hard locavore, but I guess there’s a reason people used to trade in salt?

Or how about a tome from one of my favorite salty chefs, Anthony Bourdain.

For the gardener/chef on your list Weck canning jars are worth their weight in gold. These reusable, beautiful and extremely high quality canning jars have no BPA in the lid.

Or how about a kitchen calendar full of beautiful food photography? Yum!

Last but not least, every chef loves a well made apron. This one is functional AND gorgeous in natural linen with a nice big pocket.

Maybe making food gifts is more your style?

Here’s a recipe from Smitten Kitchen for salted caramels guaranteed to melt the heart of the recipient (and you’ll get a nice chuckle following the author’s trials making them – but they’re really easy, don’t worry!)

Or here’s another recipe from the Kitchn, for comparison, with picture!

For an unusual surprise, what about a jar of spiced chocolate peanut butter? I bet this would be divine on a baguette…

bonus tip: Wrap your gift in a fabric tablecloth or dishtowel and use a small kitchen tool as a “bow”