Political Ads: Changing the Game

So you may have seen (or at least heard about) this new Occupy Wall Street television ad that aired last Saturday. It’s not in all markets, so if you didn’t, here’s a peek:

Now, the ad is very simple, and the first of a series which will hopefully become more in-depth as time goes on. However, the content is not really what I want to talk about at the moment. I want to talk about the fact that there even IS an ad.

The above was funded through a program developed by San Francisco agency LoudSauce. They are using a technique similar to kickstarter to allow people from across the country to donate to a specific ad’s creation and air-time fund.

One of the biggest problems the ordinary man has been facing in the political game has been that his voice and individual contributions and ideas can be so outnumbered they don’t really make a difference.

One of the best things so far about the Occupy movement has been their ability to unite people behind a common cause, which is that the people should have a voice in their own government. I love that people are thinking outside the typical box (and this is a constantly evolving process) to have a chance at making it a fair fight.

The next step is three more complex ads, which you can help fund if you’re interested, by going here: OCCUPY SPOTS